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Fabric, Sinew and Glue

by Tamara Archer on January 31, 2018 No comments

Women are the strength, fabric, and sinew of our communities; we are the glue that binds with meaning, ritual, care, and regard. As human beings and social animals, belonging is a fundamental piece of our existence ~ physically for safety, as well as socially, emotionally, and spiritually ~ it feeds us on so many levels to be connected to others.

But not just to anyone… Some of us are connected to friends, family, colleagues etc. who in some or many ways do not support us ~ being connected to them drains us of our spirit, our light, and has us feel inadequate. Being around them diminishes us and has us question and doubt ourselves, be it occasionally or constantly. If that’s you, do some quitting and find other people and community(s) that nourish you, where you can shine your light, and where you can be that for others.

Quitting is an interesting concept, which I’ll write in more depth in future blog(s). For now, sometimes it requires that actual act of quitting ~ the job, friendship, marriage etc. Other times, shifting the nature of the relationship is all that’s needed. The good news is you don’t need both sides ~ you can shift your approach, attitude, behavior and that action alone will change the relationship.

In the analogy of a tennis game, if one player lays down the racket or no longer plays at the net etc, the game is fundamentally changed by their action. Where can a shift in your actions change a challenging relationship? Many of you already have community(s), some of you may need a deeper one, or different one(s)… but it’s so worth the exploration to find ones that resonate and serve you.

2017 was a year of major upheaval for me and my ability to move through it was due in large part to the energies, love, and support of the amazing sisterhood I’m honored to call friends. I am forever blessed and eternally grateful.


Richness gathered at community Wells
A place of giving and receiving ~
of holding space, holding hearts, holding dreams.
Time and space for sharing and healing

When our lens is clouded with film and vagueness, hearts weighed in pained sorrow,
Sisters embrace our bits of broken hearts,
remembering our dreams, expressing our desires, rejoicing in our celebrations
Transitions all

Wisdom from those gone before ~ heralding what’s coming toward
Seen with eyes that need no words
Experiences shared ~ gifting dots and t’s
Sagacity, intuition, love and courage, generosity
Buoying souls on beams of light and laughter
Eyes clear and warm, arms and bodies strong ~ giving, holding, embracing, grounded

See ~ be seen ~ hold ~ be held

Behold Sisterhood ~ we are courageous, bold, lightness and laughter ~ lifetimes eternal
Connective sinew, Mothers of All
Angels, Goddesses, Gifts, and Guides

– May 2017

Know you are loved. Believe you matter. Stand in you are enough.

Live well,

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Tamara ArcherFabric, Sinew and Glue

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