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Prologue ~ This is for You, Chickiepoo!

by Tamara Archer on January 17, 2018 No comments

I’m almost at the end of my 4+ month Self-Care Sojourn and, not knowing what to expect, it’s not been what I expected 😊… (more on that in future posts).

We’re fresh into the New Year and despite my good intentions, expectations, and declarations of starting my blog in October, I finally (that’s a Brutal Bully*) feel like writing. It’s probably some combination of the start of the New Year, actually feeling better (what a concept), having just read The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, time, healing, rest, etc, so I’m thinking this will be something akin to the Star Wars rollout in that it starts in the middle (ish) and goes back to the beginning later, or whatever makes sense as I go along 😊…

I’m at or near the end of the mourning phase of multiple, major, simultaneous transitions: ending my 21-year marriage; being an empty nester; selling my home of 23 years; redesigning my business; the next big decade; and significant shifts in my sources of income. And coming into acceptance and excitement about the possibilities, the blank canvas ~ and for the first time ever in my life, not being so afraid of not knowing the answer(s)! That part is huge for me and leaves me so much lighter in my engagement and curiosity.

I’m clear, that in many ways, I represent every woman’s journey ~ we’ve all suffered through pain, loss, transitions, shifts in identity, loss of Self, changes in roles and rules etc. What I know for sure is being held and aided by a tribe of women, and men, has made all the difference in my ability to traverse this intense phase of my life. Communities of likeminded people are essential to our sense of belonging, having reciprocity of care, and are fundamental to living a good life.

In addition to the love and support I’ve received, though my confidence, capacity, and clarity ebbed and flowed over the course of the last three years, I know to my core that I’m capable, courageous, and resilient ~ that I’ve developed a body that can reflect and take action (Brutal Bully*). It’s important that we take stock in what we have ~ see our strengths and skills as resources, and know that we can and must call upon them ~ to tap them and to not undervalue our gifts.

Equally important is to investigate where we’re stuck, our blindnesses, and challenges. Examining these areas is just as if not even more important as it points the way to our biggest learning, which in turn can create the biggest shifts in the quality of life we get to live. Consider asking yourself, “What body have I developed and is it the body that will serve me into the foreseeable future?

My promise as you read and join me on this path is to do my best at revealing an honest, authentic, and transparent view of my journey. My hope is that it serves as inspiration or provides new openings, perspective, or alternatives for living a life that serves and nourishes you. When we live fully in who we are ~ embracing our idiosyncrasies, foibles, and talents, even as we change over time, we give the gift of us into the world ~ and what a delight that is!

Know you are loved. Believe you matter. Stand in you are enough.

Live well,

*more on Brutal Bully in future post

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Tamara ArcherPrologue ~ This is for You, Chickiepoo!

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